(17th Feb 1942 - 13th Feb 2007)

Mick Burns, trombone and tuba, New Orleans style, born 1942 in England. Played trumpet for 30 years with various bands, including his own, switched to trombone in 1990. Started doubling on tuba in 1995. Lead his own Rue Conti band, and had appeared at festivals, clubs and broadcasts in the UK, Italy, Eire, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Germany and Switzerland. Had recorded with various contemporary New Orleans stars for Lake Records, G.H.B. and Music Mecca. Professional appearances in Europe and the USA with, among others, Champion Jack Dupree, Benny Waters, Little Brother Montgomery, Ralph Sutton, George Probert, Dejan's Olympia Brass Band, The Chosen Few, Greg Stafford, Milton Batiste, Orange Kellin, Tuba Fats, Linda Young, Leroy Jones and Big Al Carson.

“Driving force is the trombone of Mick Burns, whose witty and eloquent playing lends the band a society flavour”
Chris Hilman, Jazz Journal

“Gruff and crisp, without being over-articulate”
Anthony Troon, The Scotsman
“The trombone of Mick Burns shines with confidence and swings like mad”
Gerry Brown, Mississippi Rag

“Man, you got the language”
Dwayne (no relation) Burns, New Orleans trumpet playe

“I really like the funky old trombone player”
overheard in the ladies' room at England's Black Bottom Club


"Float me Down the River" sung by Mick Burns.



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