Katrina Project

The New Orleans Musicians Aid Lincolnshire (NOrMAL) Appeal

The NOrMAl Appeal organised a number of fund raising events, the most ambitious of which was a benefit concert on December 4th 2005. BBC very kindly trailed the event:

BBC East Midlands Today, December 2nd 2005

"Let the Good Times Roll" (Lincoln Drill Hall, Sunday December 4th)

"At the end of August 2005 the city of New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Seventy five percent of the city was flooded, 60,000 homes were destroyed, and ninety percent of the population fled. It was the disaster the people of New Orleans had feared for decades.

In mid September I had a call from John Coops and Jonathan Hoare; would I like to get involved with them in a fund-raising exercise called New Orleans Musicians Aid Lincolnshire (N.Or.M.A.L.)?

Their idea was to help preserve the music of New Orleans by raising money for the musicians, many of whom had lost everything. I agreed to help in any way I could, and together we organised the concert captured on this CD, “Let the Good Times Roll!” Each of the eleven participating musicians, from Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Manchester, gave their service free, and we all had a lot of fun.

Peter Kings of P.E.K. Sound generously recorded the event and even more generously agreed to donate all proceeds from the sale of the CD to the appeal. By buying this CD you have joined the rest of us – the English musicians, the Normal Appeal, and P.E.K. Sound – in doing something to help preserve the music we all love".

Mick Burns December 2005

Get the CD from www.jazz-at-peksound.co.uk

New Orleans in January 2006

Interview with BBC Radio Lincolnshire's Rob Whiting, 6th February 2006.





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